Slips and falls are the top causes of workplace injury. Over the last
year alone, these incidents were responsible for 95 million lost days of
work, and represent about 25% of all workplace injury claims each year.
These injuries are especially common in warehouse environments, where
there is a 75% greater-than-average injury rate.
Work-place Safety & Floor Scrubbers:

Because of the prevalence of these types of injuries — and because of
the negative effects they can have on workplace efficiency and
productivity — the market for equipment that will reduce their
likelihood has grown significantly over recent years.  Perhaps the most
popular piece of equipment that prevents slips, trips and falls is the
industrial floor scrubber. Additionally, these floor scrubbers can boost
productivity, reducing operating costs and saving time by more
efficiently cleaning hard floor surfaces.

To Walk or to Ride?

Not sure which variety of industrial floor scrubber is best for your
warehouse or industrial work environment? Here’s a guide to the two main
categories of floor scrubbers — walk behind and ride-on scrubbers — that
will help you understand their differences:

Walk behind floor scrubbers:

As their name suggests, walk behind floor scrubbers are guided by the
operator, who stands behind the machine; most walk behind floor
scrubbers don’t actually need to be pushed, however, only guided –
making use easier for the operator. These floor scrubbers can use a
diluted cleaning solution or just plain tap water for optimal
performance, and come in a variety of widths to handle aisles of all

Ride-on floor scrubbers:

Ride-on floor scrubbers are ideal for larger floor spaces that need to
be cleaned in a short amount of time.   These floor scrubbers can carry
huge amounts of water and can be equipped with high-power batteries.
These machines can come equipped with floor sweeping capabilities
(Cylindrical machines), as well.
If you have any questions about our industrial or commercial floor
scrubber and sweeper technologies, feel free to contact us at:

Refurbished Floor Sweeping & Scrubbing Equipment:

When we receive a used machine, we like to put serious consideration
into its reconstruction. Depending on the shape of the machine, we will
take apart the unit and replace all worn parts with new parts. We
transform each used machine into a reliable scrubber or sweeper.
Refurbished Tennant, Nobles, Clarke, Factory Cat & Nilfisk Advance
machines offer huge savings over buying new.  Effectiveness and
dependability is important with new or reconditioned floor cleaning
machines.  You are guaranteed the highest quality & coveted names with


Clean large and tough-to-clean floors with our wide variety of
industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers. We offer industrial floor
cleaning equipment with features that meet our customer’s specific
needs. Industrial floor scrubber rentals and industrial floor sweeper
rentals are available anytime. We do daily, weekly, monthly, and
rent-to-own sweeper and scrubber rentals.  Call 1-877-941-1120 for more


Search Our Database of Scrubber & Sweeper Parts. Give our Parts
Department a phone call anytime Monday- Friday 9am-4:30pm EST
1-877-941-1120. You can also create a parts list and Submit for a quote
by email @ info@tennantrefurb.com. We will have Pricing/Availability
sent back to you quickly. Just not quite sure what parts you need? Just
give us a call we will be glad to help you sort that out.

Service & Maintenance/Refurbishment:

We offer many different plans and options to keep your business running
smoothly. From Scheduled Maintenance programs that reduce down time,
save money and keep your equipment up and running. With a preventative
maintenance program, you can anticipate greater up-time and fewer
unnecessary repairs to you floor cleaning machine.
Did you know we do not just sell but recondition all popular makes and
models of floor cleaning equipment including: Nilfisk Advance, Tennant,
Nobles, Clarke, Factory Cat.  These types of floor machines include:
Riding Scrubbers, Walk-Behind Scrubbers, Riding Sweepers, Walk-Behind
Sweepers, & Sweeper-Scrubbers.
We do this because we have noticed an increase in customers looking not
to scrap but restore their existing piece of equipment. Machines can be
picked up from the customer’s location (if needed) and quotes always
precede the repairs. We follow up and work with the customer’s needs and
budget. When completed (typically 1-2 weeks) we return the machine to
the customer’s desired location and train the new operators on how to
properly maintain and operate their newly reconditioned floor scrubber
or sweeper.

On-Site Service:

A Trained technician and well-stocked service truck will arrive ready to
service your machine at your facility. Our Technicians have a combined
90+ years of experience and have worked on all top-name brand makes and
models. We have relationships with all the major manufactures and in
most cases we can have any part that we do not stock within 1-3 days.
Need service or a new/refurbished floor cleaning machine?
We sell floor cleaning machines & can provide service in Alberta,
British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador,
Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.
With our fully stocked service vans and our factory trained technicians,
we provide in-house or outsourced service you can rely on. We
service/repair: Factory Cat, Tennant, Nilfisk-Advance, American-Lincoln,
Clarke, Nobles, Powerboss, Minuteman & more. Call us at 1-877-941-1120.

What we are about…

Your company’s image is important. The health and safety of your
employees is important. Our goal is to work with our customers in
identifying and solving their indoor and outdoor floor cleaning
challenges, quickly.  Making sure recommendations that will enhance
their corporate image.
We are your single source for everything “floor-cleaning” related.  We
offer a huge supply of floor cleaning equipment of all types and
sizes…scrubbers, sweepers, vacuums, integrated sweeper-scrubbers &
specialized floor care equipment such as floor burnishers & polishers.
Besides offering top quality new & refurbished floor cleaning equipment
from world-class manufacturers, we also offer service and parts for all
makes and models (Tennant, Nobles, Factory Cat, Nilfisk-Advance, Clarke,
American Lincoln, PowerBoss, etc).  In addition to the sale of new
equipment, Tennant Refurb Inc. is also a prime source for rebuilt
equipment and for rental scrubbers and sweepers.

In-plant Analysis:

We can quickly offer our customers a free in-plant analysis or
over-the-phone assessment of their cleaning problems and concerns. The
company then works with the customer to design the most efficient and
economical system for keeping their facility clean, qualifying the
perfect machine for their need. Selected equipment (sweepers and/or
scrubbers) can be demonstrated on-site to further confirm that they will
perform to the customer’s satisfaction.

We have worked with of a host of companies to create the work
environment associated with floor cleaning that they have desired. Our
customer satisfaction is built on our history for selling top-quality
equipment and providing fast service and parts for what we sell.

Need Assistance or Additional Information?
Contact us at 1-877-941-1120.

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