Floor scrubbers are used to keep your floors clean. It is disappointing to say the least when a scrubber is not working as it should & your facility appearance is compromised. Below are the 3 most common floor cleaner machine issues we help customers to resolve.  Hopefully this information helps you resolve your problem quickly.  But if not, call us! We offer parts & repair service for every major commercial & industrial floor scrubber & sweeper brand including- Tennant, Nobles, Nilfisk, Taski, Clarke, Kacrher, Factory Cat, Power Boss & more!

  1. Difficulty:  The machine is not sucking all the dirty water up: Solution: Check gaskets; check vacuum motor for damage; hoses (for clogs), squeegee blades (for damage).
  2. Difficulty: My floor scrubber is leaving streaks: Solution: Check the squeegee blades for wear; check squeegees to make sure they have proper contact with the floor you are cleaning;  Replace squeegee blades.
  3. Difficulty:  The machine is not putting water down: Solution: Clean the solution filter – many times this does not get cleaned; Check the Solution valve.  Make sure the solution valve is correctly adjusted to the appropriate amount of water flow you need & that it is working correctly.

If you need repairs, preventative maintenance or just a service tune-up call on your sweeper or scrubber, polisher or carpet extractors (more locally in Toronto – but also in Canada) contact us.

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