In warmer weather, outdoor cleaning takes a different focus.  Pay attention to cleaning facility sidewalks, parking lots, and undergrounds with impressive walk-behind/ride-on sweepers, scrubbers & sweeper-scrubbers. Employees and visitors notice sand, litter and other debris present on indoor-outdoor floors or parking ramps. Using sweepers to clean these exterior surfaces improves perceptions of cleanliness before people even walk through the doors. We have a nice fleet of rental & purchase floor sweepers & cylindrical sweeper-scrubbers. Surprisingly, our used outdoor Tennant & Nilfisk floor cleaning machines are in like new or lightly used condition, and are sold at discounted prices – ready to ship in 1-2 weeks upon purchase!  If you need assistance deciding on the right outdoor floor cleaning machine for wood, brick, stone, concrete, or composite – we have or will assist you in getting the right industrial floor sweeper or scrubber-dryer for any indoor or outdoor floor cleaning application, guaranteed!