A floor sweeper is a machine used to sweep hard floor surfaces.  Unlike an automatic floor scrubbing machine, they are manufactured to dry sweep floors using a large rotating brush that sweeps the floor. Its rotation is against the direction of travel which is logical and mimics manual sweeping.  The sweeping brush sweeps up the dirt & debris into a dust pan or “hopper”. Airflow through a sweeper is carefully managed to control dust using a paper filter.

Wondering if you need a commercial or industrial sweeper or scrubber?  Some facilities require sweeping, some require scrubbing, while many need both. Sweeping may seem like the best option for removing fine dust. In many cases a floor scrubber is actually a better way to go. Sweepers work better for removing larger debris such as metal shavings, wood chips, and granulated materials. Cylindrical (Sweeper/Scrubber) Floor Scrubbers are a good choice when the facility is small and has limited operators.  In larger facilities, with a lot of bulk debris, you may need 2 separate machines; a sweeper and a floor scrubber.

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