Among the leading benefits of using floor scrubbers is that they allow for quicker dry times & more powerful scrubbing. As well, floor scrubbers don’t use nearly as much water in their processes – so there is not a lot of moisture to be dried up afterwards, which makes the dry time significantly shorter. This decreases the likelihood that visitors will get hurt by slipping on wet floors, thereby reducing the risk of lawsuits against your business.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that our floor scrubbers offer is that they are easy to use. Floor scrubbers are extremely simple to operate, and they don’t require any intense physical labor on your part.  They move along with minimal operator effort.  Floor scrubbers clean large & small surface areas, and come in various sizes. If you do not want to purchase a floor scrubber because you use it irregularly, you can also go for a rental from us instead.  Regardless of which method you choose, there is no doubt that these heavy-duty machines can greatly assist you in achieving cleaner floors faster and easier than ever before.

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  1. Cleaning solution: Make sure the batteries are fully charged, all hoses are connected and the squeegees are attached and in good condition. If you use cleaning solution, measure the correct amount of chemical according to the mixing instructions on the label of the bottle. Fill the solution tank with clean water…but not hot water, as hot water can warp your tanks.  Using a low foaming cleaner will not only permit the machine to recover more solution, but it will also help to extend the life of the vacuum motor on your machine.
  2. Prepping the Floor: If you do not have a Cylindrical floor scrubber (2-in-1 Sweeper/Scrubber) make sure debris is manually removed from the floor so that your auto-scrubbers head or squeegee assembly does not become obstructed. These pieces risk damage to the machine, or may create streaking from behind the squeegee, leaving solution left on the floor.
  3. Scrubbing Your Floor: You’ll want to have a fairly large and open area to maximize your scrubbing time. As you start to scrub, your first pass will be up tight against the wall or on the outer boundary of your scrubbing area. As you reach the end of your first pass and turn to come back, you’ll want to make a wide turn. This will allow the squeegee assembly to recover all of the solution the auto scrubber put down. For heavily soiled floors, you may want to do a double scrub. To accomplish this, you’ll leave the squeegee in the up position and not turn on the vacuum motor. You will do at least one pass over the entire floor with just scrubbing (no vacuum). You can then come back with the squeegee down and the vacuum motors on, recovering the solution while you scrub again for the 2nd time.
  4. Clean Up: Take the auto scrubber over to a slop sink, toilet, floor drain, or bucket. Most models will have a dump hose that simply unhooks from the machine and dumps the solution out. Rinse out recovery tank and hoses, as well as squeegees and hoses. This step is especially essential after recovering a caustic scrubbing or stripping agent. Dump out any remaining clean solution. If soap and water sits in the solution tank for a long time, it can start to congeal and clog solution lines. Rinse out solution tank as thoroughly as possible. Leave the covers off of both tanks to let them air out and deodorize.



We provide floor sweeper repairs and maintenance for every major Commercial & Industrial Sweeper brand. As one of Canada’s leading industrial cleaning machine provider – we proudly specialize in scrubber repairs as well as floor sweeper repairs and service. Whether you want a planned maintenance program customized to your cleaning operation or you have a sweeper down, we can support your sweeper repair no matter what the power source – propane or battery. Our technicians have the support to complete your sweeper repairs right the first time!



Tips on buying used floor scrubbers.

It is important that your facility floors be kept clean, organized, and well-maintained. However, finding a floor scrubbing machine or sweeper machine can be a daunting task without professional help.  Nonetheless, keeping your office, warehouse or factory clean is non-negotiable. When buying a floor scrubber or sweeper, consider the following

  1. Cost: new or refurbished?
  2. Cleaning area: Size of floor equipment needed.
  3. Maintenance: a “back-to-basics” yet recognized floor machine brand is always best.
  4. Application: What type of floor cleaning device do you need? Walk-behind or ride-on? Sweeper or scrubber?v




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