Tennant Company is the best in its industry when it comes to
manufacturing and designing floor cleaning equipment.  Tennant Company
has multiple brands, worldwide, including Tennant, Nobles, Orbio, Alfa &
Green Machines.  They were founded by George H Tennant, in 1870 and
actually began as a woodworking business.  In 1932 they began
manufacturing floor cleaning machines.  They are credited with inventing
the first industrial power sweeper, equipped with vacuum and developing
the first ride-on scrubber, in 1970.  Tennant Company is very innovative
and has introduced many new technologies to increase the efficiency and
productivity of floor cleaning equipment.  These technologies include:
FaST® Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology for hard floor surfaces,
ReadySpace® rapid-drying carpet cleaning technology & ec-H2O™ Technology
that electrically converts water into an innovative cleaning solution.
Tennant Company is based out of Minneapolis, USA and is the market
leader in cleaning equipment.

Nilfisk is one of the top providers of cleaning equipment in the world.
Nilfisk is an independent company, headquartered in Brøndby, Denmark.
It was founded by Peder Andersen Fisker in 1906, as Fisker & Nielsen.
The biggest Nilfisk brands are Advance and Clarke, but their main global
brands are Nilfisk and Viper.   The company started off by producing
electrical engines but, in 1910 the Nilfisk vacuum cleaner was patented
and started outselling the other products.  After such successful vacuum
sales, Nilfisk decided to focus on manufacturing and selling floor
cleaning equipment.  Nilfisk is focused on creating innovative
industrial and commercial cleaning solutions.  Some of these innovations
include: The Horizon Program which showcased a prototype of a fully
autonomous scrubber & the launch of fuel cell powered equipment called
the CS7000.  In 1994 Nilfisk A/S acquired Advance Machine Company.  The
company was renamed Nilfisk-Advance and merged with Euroclean/Kent in
1998.  Between 2000 and 2001 Nilfisk acquired many companies, including
ALTO, Viper, CFM and United States Products making it one of the largest
cleaning equipment suppliers globally.

Factory Cat is possibly the fastest growing manufacturer of floor
scrubbers and floor sweepers for industrial applications in the
industry.  This equipment is built by R.P.S Corporation, which has been
incorporated since 1986 and its principals have been in the floor
cleaning machine business since 1980.  Their focus is on industrial
grade, high performance, battery powered, compact floor scrubbers and
sweepers.  In 1989 William Mopps designed the Model 34 walk behind
industrial sweeper.  The Model 34 sweeper was completed and brought to
market in 1992.  The Model 34, which is still being produced to this
day, was a huge success and resulted in major expansions within the
company.  In 1995 Factory Cat started designing their first floor
scrubber, which was quickly cast aside for more thorough testing.
However, the Model 29 scrubber was finally produced successfully brought
to market in 1997.  Factory Cat has created many innovative solutions
for increased productivity and efficiency.  These innovations include:
Dual Side Brooms, Active Dust Control & Pivoting Suspension.  Factory
Cat sweepers and scrubbers are manufactured in Wisconsin, USA and sold
in 35 countries worldwide.