There are a variety of Automatic Floor Scrubber Head Types.  Over the years, the automatic floor scrubber head types have evolved. The scrub head is where the work really gets done. The most common scrubber head types are disk, cylindrical, and square oscillating (also known as “orbital”). Each can be very useful when it comes to getting a floor clean, but depending on what type of floor you need cleaned, selecting the right one can make the task much easier.

Disk Automatic Scrubber

Disk Floor Scrubber Heads: The disk scrub head is the most common type. This traditional style consists of either a single or double rotating disk that uses a floor pad or brush to agitate the dirt on the floor.

Because of the wide variety of pads and brushes available, disk floor scrubbers can be used for general cleaning, deep scrubbing and even stripping floors. Floor pads can be easily replaced and are relatively inexpensive.

Brushes are also an option and have many different uses. A brush is a good option when cleaning uneven surfaces such as ceramic tile or concrete. The bristles can get deep into the uneven floor surface better than a flat pad.

Cylindrical Automatic Scrubbers

A Cylindrical Floor Scrubber Head: This brush type is another option for your automatic scrubber. These usually have a cylindrical brush that sits horizontally under the machine. Because the brush rotates down toward the floor rather than across the surface, as with the disk, these make a good option for uneven surfaces. Many of these have 2 brushes that counter rotate so that they can get into grout lines from multiple directions. Because the brushes are usually very durable, they tend to last.

Square Oscillating Scrubbers

Square Floor Scrubber Heads: This newer style of square scrubbers are making a big impact on the floor care industry. When used with a special stripping pad, square scrubber heads are able to strip floor finish from a floor without the use of a chemical floor stripper.  They also work great for cleaning vinyl tile floors regularly. The standard types of floor pads, such as red, white, blue and black are available in the square format. Because these scrubber heads oscillate very quickly, they apply more agitation to the floor and thus more cleaning power.

Like any device, choosing the right floor scrubber head depends on the job that needs to be done. Should you need any help in evaluating the type of floor you need cleaned, call or email us.  All assistance is without charge and comes with a smile!  We love what we do.



Our company was founded near Toronto, Ontario almost a decade ago.  However, we have a floor equipment & machine service network throughout most of Canada! We repair, or can source a repair service center FREE to you (no kickbacks) in almost any Canadian region. From floor cleaning machines from Nilfisk Advance & other floor washing machine manufacturing companies like: Kent, Windsor, Tornado, Karcher, Clarke/Alto, NSS, Nobles, Tennant, American Lincoln, Viper, Powerflite, Minuteman, IPC Eagle, Tornado & more…we repair just about all makes and models of floor maintenance equipment. Whether you have a battery operated or more sophisticated propane powered ride on automatic scrubber, or industrial sweeper, our knowledgeable mechanics will get your equipment up and running – fast.

Why choose us for local Nilfisk or Tennant service in Toronto?

  • Certified Technicians
  • 48 hour turnaround on most equipment
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Loaners/Rentals available
  • On-site and in-house repairs provided
  • Pickup and delivery available
  • Trade-ins on new equipment




In an industry where unexpected downtime can be costly, a reliable source of power is important. The batteries you use in your commercial floor scrubber or industrial floor sweeper need to deliver power for the most demanding jobs. When it comes time to replace your floor scrubber or sweeper batteries, new recommend you use a recognized brand such as Trojan or Dekka (flooded, gel or AGM) for increased battery life, & extended run time.  Battery performance can vary due to a variety of circumstances. Understanding why can boost confidence that a battery is performing as expected. Quality batteries will decrease maintenance (gel or AGM), and guarantee durability, reliability and performance that you cannot get from a cheap battery.  “Discount” batteries are smaller & have a shorter life cycle because of increased draw, meaning unplanned downtime and less productive hours from your machine.


If you need to replace your floor scrubber, sweeper or floor machine battery, we sell quality 6V and 12V deep-cycle batteries (flooded, gel and AGM) for all brands of floor scrubbers and sweepers. Selected models are available in extra-durable Polyon® cases for heavy service applications.


advance-auto-scrubber- parts


In warmer weather, outdoor cleaning takes a different focus.  Pay attention to cleaning facility sidewalks, parking lots, and undergrounds with impressive walk-behind/ride-on sweepers, scrubbers & sweeper-scrubbers. Employees and visitors notice sand, litter and other debris present on indoor-outdoor floors or parking ramps. Using sweepers to clean these exterior surfaces improves perceptions of cleanliness before people even walk through the doors. We have a nice fleet of rental & purchase floor sweepers & cylindrical sweeper-scrubbers. Surprisingly, our used outdoor Tennant & Nilfisk floor cleaning machines are in like new or lightly used condition, and are sold at discounted prices – ready to ship in 1-2 weeks upon purchase!  If you need assistance deciding on the right outdoor floor cleaning machine for wood, brick, stone, concrete, or composite – we have or will assist you in getting the right industrial floor sweeper or scrubber-dryer for any indoor or outdoor floor cleaning application, guaranteed!





Floor scrubbers are used to keep your floors clean. It is disappointing to say the least when a scrubber is not working as it should & your facility appearance is compromised. Below are the 3 most common floor cleaner machine issues we help customers to resolve.  Hopefully this information helps you resolve your problem quickly.  But if not, call us! We offer parts & repair service for every major commercial & industrial floor scrubber & sweeper brand including- Tennant, Nobles, Nilfisk, Taski, Clarke, Kacrher, Factory Cat, Power Boss & more!

  1. Difficulty:  The machine is not sucking all the dirty water up: Solution: Check gaskets; check vacuum motor for damage; hoses (for clogs), squeegee blades (for damage).
  2. Difficulty: My floor scrubber is leaving streaks: Solution: Check the squeegee blades for wear; check squeegees to make sure they have proper contact with the floor you are cleaning;  Replace squeegee blades.
  3. Difficulty:  The machine is not putting water down: Solution: Clean the solution filter – many times this does not get cleaned; Check the Solution valve.  Make sure the solution valve is correctly adjusted to the appropriate amount of water flow you need & that it is working correctly.

If you need repairs, preventative maintenance or just a service tune-up call on your sweeper or scrubber, polisher or carpet extractors (more locally in Toronto – but also in Canada) contact us.

Call 1-877-941-1120 for more information.




Their product line consists of a variety of floor sweepers, scrubbers, & sweeper-scrubbers.  This lineup includes:

Nilfisk Advance Model List

  • SC100 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • SC250 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  •  SC351 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • SC400 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • SC430 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • SC450 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • BA 351 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • SC500 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • SC530 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • BA/CA 551/611 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • BA 651/751/851 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • SC800 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • SC1500 (stand-on floor scrubber)
  • BR 652/752/752C (ride-on floor scrubber)
  • SC2000 (ride-on floor scrubber)
  • BR 755/755C/855 (ride-on floor scrubber)
  • BR 850S/1050S (ride-on floor scrubber)
  • SC6000 (ride-on floor scrubber)
  • SC6500 (ride-on floor scrubber)
  • SC8000 (ride-on floor scrubber)
  • SM 800 (walk behind floor sweeper)
  • SW 750 (walk behind floor sweeper)
  • SW900 (walk behind floor sweeper)
  • SR 1000S (walk behind floor sweeper)
  • SR 1101 (ride-on floor sweeper)
  • SW4000 (ride-on floor sweeper)
  • SR 1601 (ride-on floor sweeper)
  • SW5500 (ride-on floor sweeper)
  • SW8000 (ride-on floor sweeper)
  • PS 333A (single disc floor cleaning machine)
  • FM400 L(single disc floor cleaning machine)
  • FM400 H (single disc floor cleaning machine)
  • FM400 D (single disc floor cleaning machine)
  • BU500 (walk behind burnisher)
  • BU800 (walk behind burnisher)
  • UHR 70-1700 (ride-on burnisher)
  • AX 14 (carpet extractor)
  • ES300 (carpet extractor)


Their product line consists of a variety of floor sweepers, scrubbers, & sweeper-scrubbers.  This lineup includes:

Tennant Model List

  • T1 (walk behind micro scrubber)
  • T1B (battery walk behind micro scrubber)
    5700XP, 5700, 5680, T5, T3, T2. (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • T2 (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • T300/T300e (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • T500/T500e (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • T600/T600e (walk behind floor scrubber)
  • i-mop XL/i-mop XXL (scrubber)
  • T350 (stand-on floor scrubber)
  • T7AMR (robotic micro ride-on scrubber)
  • T7 (micro ride-on scrubber)
  • T12 (compact ride-on scrubber)
  • T16 (ride-on scrubber)
  • T17 (ride-on scrubber)
  • T20 (ride-on scrubber)
  • S3 (manual walk behind sweeper)
  • S5 (battery walk behind sweeper)
  • S9 (battery walk behind sweeper)
  • 3640 (walk behind sweeper)
  • S10 (walk behind sweeper)
  • 6100 (compact battery ride-on sweeper)
  • 6200 (compact ride-on sweeper)
  • S20 (compact ride-on sweeper)
  • S30 (ride-on sweeper)
  • 800 (industrial ride-on sweeper)
  • ATLV 4300 (all-terrain ride-on vacuum sweeper)
  • M17 (battery ride-on sweeper/scrubber)
  • M20 (ride-on sweeper/scrubber)
  • M30 (ride-on sweeper/scrubber)




Advance delivers the floor cleaning equipment solution for all commercial and industrial cleaning applications. From small commercial vacuums to large industrial sweeper / scrubbers, Advance has the floor cleaning equipment solution to drive down your total cleaning costs. Our case studies and industry applications can show you how commercial or industrial floor cleaning machines can meet your cleaning needs. Local Advance dealers are commercial and industrial floor cleaning experts who can help you improve your cleaning program and support you with technical training, parts and service.  We just happen to be network with many of them with successful results each time. Advance is also leading the way in reducing the impact of cleaning on the environment and improving your quality of life. Their environmentally friendly floor cleaning machines include commercial vacuums, carpet extractors, and burnishers.  The Tennant company is also a leading provider of quality floor cleaning equipment.

The Tennant Company is a company with about 4000 employees that provides cleaning products and solutions to cleaning dirty floors. Because the Tennant company is so big, they, like Nilfisk Advance, offer the customer convenient online customer support including: part manuals, online resources & even brochures for their floor equipment.



Auto-scrubber and auto-sweeper manufacturers include a host of key players.  These driving forces (to name a few) include: Nilfisk, Karcher, Hako, Tennant, Comac, IPC Eagle, NSS, Fimap, Tornado Industries, Gaomei, RPS corporation, Pacific Floor Care & TASKI.  These companies develop Medium, large & compact floor sweepers, scrubbers, & sweeper-scrubbers for commercial, residential & industrial use.  These floor machines are also available used & certified pre-owned for the budget conscientious person from Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. Located just outside Toronto, Canada.

viper-auto- scrubber


We recently had a customer in Toronto, Ontario ask us this question.  So we decided to make the answer known abroad: There are self-propelled and brush assisted floor scrubbers available. Floor cleaning machines that use brush assisted drive systems move the machine along as the brush rotates. This puts more strain on the operator, but on a smooth flat floor, might be a good option. Brush assisted floor scrubbers are usually less costly due to fewer components. These still do a great job cleaning floors, but will not pull themselves along like a traction drive floor scrubber will. If you don’t have ramps to navigate and the floors are vinyl tile or smooth concrete or terrazzo, brush assisted machine are a great option to save some money.